Friday, March 21, 2014

SpaceOne Striated Rocket Casing

SpaceOne has developed the SRC Striated Rocket Casing. This invention increases the strength of the rocket by hundreds of times and increases the safety level of the rocket occupants.

The structure is achieved with a concatenation collective of multiple special geometric canister vessels structurally seam welded and finished. The design is proprietary. The new design allows multiple capsules for discrete payloading and for holding from 25 to literally over a hundred astronauts.

This design introduces the usage of lighter weight materials in a stronger form factor, enabling many benefits.

Benefits of SRC
1) Increased Rocket Safely
2) Multiple Payloading
3) More Astronauts
4) Discrete Payloads
5) Lighter Weight Materials
6) Relative Small Form Factor 
7) Relatively Inexpensive
8) Increase of Rocket Strength
9) Young's Modulus Reduction