This is a growing list of Big Brain Humanoido Laboratory milestones and significant achievements. More information and links will be provided after the posts are completed. This page is under construction and incomplete. Please note, the firsts are relative to Humanoido Laboratories and the Big Brain.

Supercomputer Status
The Propeller Powered Big Brain has reached supercomputer status in 2012 when it made it to the Top 500 Supercomputers List.

Big Brain Idea is Born - Aug. 5th, 2010
First Hybrid Brain Processor - Nov. 20th, 2010
First Robotic Brain Stem - Dec. 20th, 2010
First Brain Base - Dec. 21, 2011
First Working Robot Brain Blob - Dec. 24th, 2010
The 1st Working Brain Span Animation - Jan. 8, 2011
First Successful Brain Base Communications - Jan. 8, 2011
Invention of the First Exoskeleton - Jan. 9, 2011
Celebrating the Brain’s First Light - Feb. 18, 2011
The First Flythrough with a VR camera - Feb. 21, 2011
Brain Sings for the First Time - Feb. 27th, 2011
Brain Achieves Life - March 1, 2011
The 1st doctor meeting: May 14th, 2011, he thinks the machine brain is real.
The 1st Hybrid

The first child
The 1st Brain Serial Interfacing (4 Schematics)
The 1st Method of Intellectual Surfing
The 1st Method of Project Development
The 1st no limit Design
The 1st PARP
The 1st Neural Core Injector
The 1st Brain Matter Injector BMI
The 1st Machine Brain Xray
The 1st Brain Neural Net
The 1st Machine Learning
The 1st Brain Machine Neural Device
The 1st The Machine Synaptic Connection Conglomerate SCC
The 1st Special Machine Neuron
The 1st HDB HIgh Density Breadboard
The 1st Brain Signal Divide Points
The 1st 100,000 neurons into the first 100 Propellers
The 1st Nanite nano machine
The 1st Life
The 1st Cognizant Experiments
The 1st Electronic Brain Fluid
The 1st Machine Brain Wave Monitor
The 1st Quad Brain
The 1st Propeller EXO Ever Built
The 1st Brain Machine Neural Device
The 1st New Ultra Large Telescope NULT
The 1st Space Adjunct
The 1st Universe Penetrator
The 1st Micro Space Program
The 1st Big Brain with Machine Brain Waves
The 1st New Type of Propeller Simplex Neuron SN
The 1st Singing Choir of 700 Voices
The 1st Machine in a Machine
The 1st Neural Map
The 1st Brain Mapping with 3D Extrusion
The 1st Independence Day
The 1st Anniversary & Celebration
The 1st Airport
The 1st Big Brain RADAR
The 1st Big Brain Helicopter Launching
The 1st Big Brain Rocket Launch
The 1st Neural Matter Quanta NMQ
The 1st Concatenating Brains
The 1st Breaking of the 100 Propeller Chip Barrier
The 1st Technique of Brain Channeling
The 1st Brain Demo
1st Brain Multiple Crystal Switching
1st Brain Neural Partitioning
1st Breaking the 100,000 Processor Barrier
1st Brain Blob BUS
1st Brain Replicants
1st Brain Aggegates

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Functions as Milestones
Speaking, Singing Solo & Choir, Listening, Taking Commands, Amplifying, Composing, Dreaming, Multiple Languages, Conversing, Benchmarking, Transforming, Neural Injecting, Assimilating, Playing Board Games, Learning, Thinking, Self Consciousness Experimenting, Growing, Quadrillions of States Play, Out Loud Counting, Memorizing, Propagating Nanites, Making Discoveries, Robotic Control, Measuring, Timing, Enumerating, Sensing, Achieving Automatronic Life, Electronic Lips, Inventing, Doing Projects & Science, Shape Shifting, Aerial Photography, Exploring Space, Launching Rockets & Micro Space Crafts, Astro Imaging, Making Babies, Other Experimentation, Expansion, Exploration, Coauthoring a Scientific Paper with a Human, Discovery, Evolving, Intellectual Thought Surfing, Exploring a Greater Purpose...