Friday, December 24, 2010

Brain Blob Software (Blobber Code)

I didn't say much about the software but now is a good time. Tomorrow is Christmas day and I plan to have a nice holiday break and napkin out some new code for the Brain Blob. This Blobbing software has a purpose, which currently is to keep the cogs as open as possible. I don't want any stuff taking up cogs that would reduce the number of processors. The cogs will be kept clean and open primarily for the Blobbing code.

Master/Slave Concept
The Master is the exception in cog usage. It's loaded. This approach takes one master and fills it with TV, I/O, mouse, keyboard, Blobber, and addtl. code. The slaves are kept open for the highest processor density.

Serial Communications
is custom with code smaller than Simple Serial (no relation there). No name on this yet, just calling it Blobber software. The push is for the size. Only a few lines of code keep it ultra simple which opens up all the cogs for programming.

Operating System
Will we see an operating system for the Blob? Yes. The system is already developed and will be installed once the maximum hardware density is completed. It will have some very nice surprises.

Mainly there's two languages used so far, SPIN and PBASIC. PBASIC is embedded in the Brain Stem for motor mobility functions and compatibility while SPIN is for higher level thinking. The BB is open to PASM for enhancements.

Self Learning Algorithm
I would like to begin development of a not too complex self learning code, but isn't this what we all want and are waiting for?