Friday, December 24, 2010

The Next Brain Blob Addition

Update: I have now modified six more Propeller Proto Boards to add 48 more cores to the Brain Blob. I only need to add the interfacing and the solderless breadboards. This will bring up the 33 cores to 81 cores/computers. Not too shabby for some robotical brain computing. Modifications include the power circuits to reduce power loads and soldering in the pin sockets. It's a lot of soldering work and so I've apportioned it across several days. I now wonder if the power LED can be rewired into a port LED but that's another issue.

I think the big push after the Brain Blob hardware is completed and operational, is software that has a degree of self reasoning power. It doesn't need to be an Einstein but some intelligence greater than a bug would be appreciated. Memory needs to be added, as so far the sum total is reference eeprom at 20 x 32KRAM. Propeller can access PC and the PC has TeraBytes of operating storage. Another new option is to use a server to provide wireless data storage. Web access can provide a knowledge base to work with.