Monday, January 3, 2011

Building DIY Breadboards

01-03-2011, 04:58 PM CODE 6-101 BUILDING DIY BREADBOARDS
A DIY project for Brain boards

You can make very affordable home-made breadboards using pin sockets. Solder across pins on the sockets solder points on the bottom of the Parallax Propeller Proto Board to make connections.

DIY Breadboards can be made very small. A four socket row is very useful for connecting data LEDs, resistors, capacitors, power connections, extensions, ground, and various sensors. The weight is significantly less than the smallest commercial breadboard at the Parallax store. However, for the purpose of constructing the Brain Base and the Brain Span, the larger Parallax is ideal for more connection points and larger scale tests. The board from the brain's Brain Stem has a very small solderless breadboard built up from standard inexpensive dual row pin sockets. Economical DIY breadboards cost only a few pennies. Commercial breadboards can fill in for Brain Base and Brain Span apps. Parallax item code 700-00012 is currently $3.99.