Monday, February 27, 2012

Big Brain & NASA Team Together

New Teamwork Advances the Big Brain Project Forward by Light Years! This is the unfolding story of how one Parallax Propeller chip grew and grew until finally its destiny became aligned towards the entrance of the Universe.

Teaming up with NASA makes available the use of billions of dollars of scientific lab equipment, advanced multi million dollar telescopes and decades of raw scientific data that the Big Brain can analyze and utilize to fulfill many of its studies including its GRAND ADVENTURE EOU (Edge Of Universe) study.

Big Brain now has access to the full array of NASA Space Telescopes and space probes along with data over the time span of many decades of research. It's important to note, this includes optical and invisible wavelength observatories in space as well as the HST Hubble Space Telescope in Earth orbit and the new upcoming JWT James Webb Telescope to be placed at the LaGrange, as well as past Investigator Planetary Probes and Deep Space probes such as Voyager.

The ramifications of this forward step is mind boggling and the future looks extremely bright for the science of Big Brain and continuance of its program in space. It allows seamless progression from existing space programs of Micro Space and Near Space, to Deep Space and EOU.