Monday, February 13, 2012

Can One Propeller Chip Think?

When one looks at the human definition listings of “think,” do specific multiple definitions fit the Propeller Elf Machine Brain which embodies a single Propeller chip?

One Propeller chip with eight internal processors is considered as the smallest prodigy offspring of the Big Brain. It's the embodiment of the Propeller Elf Brain, a machine with a purpose designed to think. Is it possible these small children can think and to what extent?

Considering the chip as a small mind, it satisfies the first definition to have "content contained." It has ROM which contains 32K of content.

It satisfies the second definition of think which specifies “decision making.” It can take 3 numbers and decide which is higher, lower, equal, or even prime, irrational, near pi, etc.

In definition 3, it can “invent” a question by running LERNER which is a program by Dave Hein to instil learning into the Propeller chip.

It concurs with definition 4 as in “belief” when it follows a code definition and continually relies upon it, or declares variables.

It satisfies the sixth definition because it can “remember” things in volatile RAM memory and exhibit recall.

It satisfies definition 8 because it can “evolve” as in progressing a numerical expression or engaging in program modification - a well known feature of the Propeller chip with SPIN language.

In satisfying definition 9, it can arise a given condition by a programmed "preoccupation" as in calculating the odds of a given case.

It satisfies definition 10 in that it can “weigh” two considerations by comparison, such as if A>+B THEN C, and it can “concentrate” on performing one task and the program can make “inferences.”

In 10 sub 5, it can “consider” by initiating an analysis of numbers and mathematical expressions with weights.

In 10 sub 6, it can “dispose” in a given way by engaging in a challenging problem to solve which will require much thought.

It satisfies the noun definition - it could achieve extended thinking as in “meditation” where it would focus on a single objective and clear other variables and programs.

The Eleven Elements of Propeller Thinking
  1. Contain Content
  2. Decision Making
  3. Invent
  4. Believe
  5. Remember
  6. Evolve
  7. Preoccupation
  8. Weigh
  9. Consider
  10. Dispose
  11. Meditate
Propeller Elf is a small and powerful thinking machine with one Propeller chip and eight internal processors.