Thursday, February 9, 2012

Propeller Elf

Incredible as it seems, this tiny working and thinking brain computer has no parts! It's another Big Brain offspring known as Adjunct 009. To view a list of all adjuncts and offspring, click here.

The Propeller Elf (PE) is a Propeller thinking brain computer with no parts. It's goal in life is to think. It runs on SPIN software using the conventional support for the Parallax Propeller chip and communicates through a standard Propeller Plug. Prop Elf is a spin off of the Big Brain "No Parts" project. All software utilized is found at the Parallax Propeller Forum. PE uses eight internal processors known as Cogs and also utilizes the internal components built into the Propeller chip. Thinking takes place with the RC clock and the chips built in protection circuits so no crystal, resistors or caps are required. It can use virtual devices. Debugging is with the PST Parallax Serial Terminal software. For more information regarding the internal structure of the Propeller chip, refer to the Parallax Propeller manual and downloads.

Pure Thought - Work or No Work?