Saturday, February 11, 2012

Propeller Sticker Label Sheet

Download Propeller Label Sheet
This is the Propeller chip sticker used exclusively by the Big Brain.

Since many of us are building Propeller machines with larger and larger numbers of Propeller chips, this free 20-block label template sheet ready for printing will come in handy for hobby use. To download it, simply click on the image. When the larger image appears, click and drag it to the desktop. This is a new re-mastered Propeller chip sticker using PAINT, saved as jpg, then fed into Google’s Picasa 3.6.0 for printing. I have made a set of new instructions to follow, listed below. The label now includes the part number as Parallax will introduce other Propeller chips in the future. I find it preferable to affix the label with a couple pieces of rolled tape at each end, to facilitate easy removal. The sticker image is black text on white background to get the greatest mileage from your inkjet cartridge. It may be vision personal preference but I find it easier to read black text on a white background.

Printing the New Sticker at Exact Size
For paper, use a good 24-pound bond. Semi-matt surfaces can absorb the ink and give a nice professional look to the sticker. Fan the paper before loading the printer. To print using Picasa 3, double click on the image in Library View, then File, Print…, select Shrink to Fit, click on Printer Setup, Effects, and type in 54% of Normal Size. You may need to make minor adjustments based on the type of printer. Close the menu box and select print. To print more than one copy, in the print information window, select copies per photo by clicking on the + repeated times. In my setup, the printed label is the exact size and the designations line up exactly with the pins. Just cut these out with a scissors and affix using small pieces of rolled tape. As always, use proper precaution around hot components when using flammable paper labels. Paper labels are not designed for chips running hot. When prototyping and wiring is completed, the labels easily remove.