Thursday, April 5, 2012

Containment Cabinet

Is this the new face of Big Brain?

The CC serves a function of great utility and convenience. Welcome to the Cabinet Containment CC design - a physical drawered device that contains boarded sections of the Big Brain.

Each CC drawer is 21cm x 33cm or 8.3 x 13-inches. This will fit one full size green board. The Green Board is a printed circuit board made by HONDA and selected for the Big Brain - it holds up to 12 Propeller Chips. One CC Containment Cabinet will hold 7 or 14 Green Boards for a total of 84 or 168 Propeller chips. It could be possible to stack 3 boards per drawer yielding 252 Propeller chips or 2,016 cogs or 252,000 EV processors.

CC is the next generation of containment for the Propeller Powered Big Brain. It contains seven drawers in which each can hold four boards. Units can stack. Each board holds three Propeller chips. A drawer can contain one level at single density of 12 Propeller chips or 96 cogs. Each cabinet at single density can hold 7x12=84 Propeller chips or 672 cogs. At double density, the CC holds 168 Propeller chips or 1,344 cogs.

Each drawer holds interface wires that exit through the back and connect to the next drawer. Boards plug disconnect inside the CC. To access a block of 12 Propellers at single density or a double density block of 24 Propellers, a single drawer is simply slid open. Cabinets can stack. Two CCs hold 2x84=178 Propeller chips or 1,424 cogs at single density (and 17,800 EV processors). At double density, it holds 2x168=336 Propeller chips or 2,688 cogs (and 336,000 EV processors).

Cabinets can set side by side. Four CCs hold 4x84=336 Propeller chips or 2,688 cogs at single density (with 336,000 EV processors) and 4x168=672 Propeller chips or 5,376 cogs (at 672,000 EV processors). In this arrangement, the Power Supply would set next to the CC for best visiblity of the readout indicators and best access to the power controls.

Of interest, at double density, four CCs hold 672 Propeller chips with 5,376 cogs and 672,000 EV processors. This achieves 21,504 controlling I/O pins for super micro controlling status.

Advantages of the Containment Cabinet CC
* Keeps out dust
* Small footprint
* Ability to grow
* Very easy to access
* Highly mobile
* Easy inter-room moving
* Inexpensive
* If necessary, throwaway
* Quickly accessible
* Full visibility at single density
* Wiring at any time
* Very light weight
* Disguises as a drawer cabinet
* Easily mount controls on drawer exteriors
* Non-intrusive wiring in the back
* Always setup and ready to go
* Enables longer life solderless breadboards
* No clutter
* Slide open to rewire/inspect/troubleshoot
* Indicator LEDs show through drawer window
* Displays can mount internally
* Easy to cut, drill, shape, form, attach, set 
* Can house Big Brain's machine offspring in surplus drawers
* Hosts extra boards
* serves as a part cache 

CC Containment Cabinet