Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lab Update 05.29.12

Good news! - the last boxes arrived at the new Humanoido Labs International location. The Humanoido Labs Holiday is officially over and work is now progressing on a new organizational structure. One Lab in China is now consolidated and another new Lab concept is introduced for development. The current structure work includes a Lab and Office, technical library and computer & robotics work space. This new structure, when completed, will usher in a new Big Brain inspired company. Some will be surprised to learn that the Big Brain Machine has inspired a company that's related to medical research and machine development as applied to the physiological human brain. More on this in another blog.

re: International Shipping
Some Lab equipment broke during shipping out of China. Of course, the actual Big Brain was shipped earlier by Airport Check Through and incurred no damage. However, the supporting components shipped in boxes through a local carrier were grossly abused. Even though well packed according to the three inch rule, items were broken. It appears the boxes were thrown out of trucks or shipping containers from an estimated height of 10-feet. These boxes were strapping reinforced on all edges originally. The finally inspection showed the corners and full box sides were completely ripped and torn open. The shipping company made no attempt to retape or restrap the boxes and items were allowed to break, fall out and become lost. Damage included the Big Brain's Aerospace Exploration items and the lost items will be checked against the inventory lists. In the future, the recommendation is to use specialized boxes that double in density. It may be necessary to resort to wood framed containers for delicate equipment. Keep in mind the cost for international shipments comes at a huge price.