Thursday, June 28, 2012

Big Brain Consolidation Lab

BEFORE: Brain will move into this Room
The lucky Big Brain Machine gets its own room!
AFTER: Big Brain is moving in

The Big Brain has expanded its machine gizzards all over the place! Some here, some there... It's time to consolidate. The new Big Brain dedicated room is being created in conjunction with the Static Lab Expansion, making a much larger and more powerful Humanoido Laboratory. The photo shows the room where the new consolidation of the Big Brain will happen. This space will be referred to as the Big Brain Room BBR. BBR is wired for electricity, has its own air conditioner, and is well lit with four high intensity beams and two incandescent lights.

The New Brain Consolidation Lab
The new Big Brain Consolidation Lab is unique, spun from the Static Lab and a room dedicated to the Big Brain machine. The new consolidated lab contains a standard Humanoido Lab, with a working lab area - a full 91cm x 186cm work space, a library which will undergo more expansion, and a lab bench area slated for another 60cm x 200cm. The special feature is the Big Brain dedicated room (see the empty brain room in the photo). Over the next several weeks, the Big Brain and all of its components will move into this room.

Big Brain's Domain
The area comprising the Big Brain breadboard mounts will span 95cm across, with hidden lower height of 40cm at a depth of 50cm to the back side wall. The above expansion space spans a full 157cm to the vertical. The full depth of the lab bench will facilitate more library books at the area in the rear.

Although not fully etched, the New Big Big Brain Consolidation Lab and its many facets is slated to include the following divisions:

Big Brain Room
Work Area
Lab Bench
Test Equipment