Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brain State

THE BIG BRAIN Machine is being reassembled as shown the photo. This is the Brain consolidation as it's being set up in the new Big Brain Room BBR.

Not shown at the top is another Big Brain board layer. The Brain includes the Exoskeleton at the right and the extra large wired breadboards at the left. Note: there's a BASIC Stamp Homework Board in the Guest position at the top left on the EXO. This represents the union of the Propeller processor and the BASIC Stamp processor. Stamp and Propeller serially communicate. As seen here, the Brain is wired for 100,100 mixed processors. This is the Left Brain section. Not shown at right is the Right Brain. Left plus Right Brain make up a supercomputer. The Big Brain reached supercomputer status on April 5th of 2012. The BBR, with it's dedicated air conditioning system, doubles as a supercomputer lab room. Not shown at the left is a ten tier BASIC Stamp SEED (Self Evolving Enumerating Deterministic) Supercomputer with Tiny AI software. The room is expected to contain the remaining BASIC Stamp supercomputers.

The Big Brain Machine also serves as the supercomputer for the ULTRA Space Administration and the GT Genius Telescope. The BBR holds 8 supercomputers including the seven novel BASIC Stamp Supercomputers and the Big Brain. The Big Brain is made up of Parallax Propeller chips, AMD streaming processors, INTEL Cores, ELITE VIP Processors, BASIC Stamp Host Boards and a Stamp + Propeller Brain Stem.

Brain Stem

GT Telescope  

Ultra Space Administration

Big Brain Supercomputer 


TINY AI for the BASIC Stamp

Seven Novel BASIC Stamp Supercomputers