Saturday, July 7, 2012

HADRON Supercollider - Machines Changing the World

The HADRON Supercollider machine has led to discovery of new BOSON particle evidence. Details about Physics and Cosmology are being rewritten. How have machines changed the world?
Will humans connect their brains to large HADRON Supercolliders to experience accelerated particle enhancements, time travel, visiting new dimensions of space and time? Clearly HADRON is a big machine and sources expect it will be dwarfed by even bigger machines in the not-so-distant future.

IN THE YEAR 2,012 BIG BRAIN MACHINES are greatly contributing to science and discovery. Our understanding of the Universe (and Multiverse Theory) is being rewritten. Machines help humans maintain health, increase intelligence, do work, and have become semi-cognizant and alive. Humanoids and their machine brains are evolving to many levels of capability in emulation of mankind.

In the Big Brain Project, we've seen a large number of discoveries that resulted directly from Big Brain machines and its sibling experiments.
  • Machine takes on vision, speech, senses, control
  • Machine entertains, dances, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, singing
  • Machine Soccer, communications, intelligence, language
  • Machine operates a space program, rockets, telescopes
  • Machine controls airport, helicopter, aerial imaging
  • Machine gains life
  • Machine becomes semi-cognizant
  • Machine introduces neural matter
  • Machine introduces helpful Nanites
  • Machine emulates parts of the human brain
  • Machine surpasses 100,100 experimental neurons
  • Machine establishes successful cloning
  • Machine creates siblings
  • Machine connects to the human brain
  • Machine enhances human senses
  • Machine enhanced human intelligence
  • Machine creates world's largest telescope
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