Friday, July 27, 2012

July 2012 Update

Current Big Brain Supercomputer Propeller Side
It's a busy rock'in and roll'in time at the Big Brain Labs and time to offer the update so our followers know what's new.
Monthly Updates
We've fallen behind in the month by month updates cache so it's time to offer a July compendium. There are many projects being worked on and all come under the classification of the Big Brain.

The Big Eye
Currently the Big Brain project is the Big Eye. This is a new Canon S95 PowerShot CCD imager being tested on the near nightly imaging of the current Venus Jupiter Aldebaran Conjunction.

The New Big Brain
The Big Brain was upgraded and is now a supercomputer. Here's the description posted at the Parallax site found here,
100+ Hybrid Parallax Propeller Supercomputer
Humanoido Labs
Upgrade to the Big Brain. The most powerful TeraFLOPS machine made by Humanoido Labs. Reached equivalent supercomputing speed in 2012 comparable to the Top 500 List. A massive design with all available props exceeding 800 Propeller RISC processors and 729 Intel and AMD processors and 100,000 VIP Processors. Currently reached the 12th level. Utilized for the Ultra Space Program, Brain Enhancement and Projects. More Specs and Information at:

The GT Telescope
A very active project is imaging with the newly invented GT Genius Telescope. This monster telescope has a tri aperture mode for 1.5, 15 and 150 mile apertures, and resides part in space and part on the Earth, operated by the Big Brain supercomputer. The GT Telescope is the latest in a series of telescopes by the Big Brain's Ultra Space Program and Ultra Space Administration. The most recent image, the edge of the sun, is found here.

Humanoido Labs
One of the most important aspects of the Big Brain project is the Lab. The Lab is the development center and fronts up the operations of the supercomputer and all the projects and inventions. Recently several new Labs were introduced.

Labs List
The Labs List and information repository is one of the largest ever created.

Language List
Constantly updated is the new Mega List of Propeller chip languages. Now with over 220 Propeller computer programming languages, the chip has become the leader in holding the record for the most number of available programming languages.

We've consolidated the Big Brain and moved it to one primary location for more powerful processing and more function. For example, the supercomputing Big Brain now heads up the Ultra Space Administration and powers the GT Genius Telescope.

We've moved again and this has postponed and disrupted operations until everything is back to full time operating condition.

The Propeller ELF
This project is going well, and ongoing, to create a replicate clone of the retro computer of the 1970s that was named the COSMAC ELF which was based on the 1802 chip. This project creates an expanded version with the ability to run an emulation of Tom Pittman's Tiny BASIC. The Prop ELF adds some functioning and for example, a Flash Memory card replaces the Kansas City Tape Standard for storage and retrieval of files and/or the access to large EEPROM.

Several new inventions are on the design table that use the Parallax Propeller chip. We'll blog more when we have some working models

All New Index
Check out the all new additions to the Index, such as the astronomical selected indices.

We seem to have found a bit of strangeness that we are unable to define and is open for interpretation. View at your own risk.


RS Retro Supercomputer
Work is progressing on the RS Retro Supercomputer project which is an adaptation of the left side of the Big Brain using all Parallax Propeller chips. Expect a blog on this in the next day or so.