Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flying Saucer UFO

Big Brain's Eye captures a bright FLYING SAUCER!
Wednesday July 11th, 2012 4:04:21 am & 4:04:37 AM
Center Right: FLYING Saucer shaped object is moving behind Taipei 101
Some astronomers say if you observe the night sky long enough, you're bound to see a UFO. Now we're not claiming woman from Venus or even men from Mars, but we do admit to capturing at least one unidentified flying object in the night sky, leaving the image of a saucer on the pixels, this morning around 4am. It appears to be a cute little flying saucer.

16 seconds later the UFO was moving behind 101
Venus is the brightest object in the night sky as seen in this photo, captured from the Big Brain's Observatory Lab 50. But look closer - a cute little flying saucer is seen below Venus.

Take a closer look under Venus. It looks like a new star, but it's unknown what this object is.
Here's What Happened in the Early Morning Hours...

Observing the Moon in the early morning hours of Wednesday July 11th, 2012, while preparing to view the Venus-Jupiter-Aldebaran sky Conjunction, the Big Brain's new camera eye began taking astro images. Over an hour later, the Last Quarter Moon had risen high in the sky, away from Taipei 101, one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. At that time, 4:04:21 am, a bright object appeared under and to the left of planet Venus, visible next to Taipei 101. In the sequence of photos, the next image taken at 4:04:37 am, only 16 seconds later, the UFO was disappearing behind 101, never to reappear!

Landing Conjecture
In the three photo sequence, the saucer is first seen under Venus, then visible about to be occulted by Taipei 101 skyscraper, and then disappears in the next sequential image. The most logical idea is the craft landed somewhere behind 101 at one of the many landing strips.

Busy Observational Night
It was a busy night, observing the Moon near the Last Quarter phase, studying the Venus-Jupiter-Aldebaran Conjunction in the Hyades, and seeing a UFO Flying Saucer.

Difficulty of Remaining Stealth
Flying saucers of any type and variety have a difficult time remaining stealth under the bright skies of Taipei.  Combined city lights illumination has the advantage of lighting up any flying object for identification and photo imaging. This is especially advantageous for astronomers who wish to photograph Flying Saucers traversing over the big city.

Flying Saucer
JULY 11TH 2012 4:04:37 AM
The well illuminated Flying Saucer's shape and outline is seen in this enlarged digital image just before it disappeared behind Taipei 101 skyscraper.

Image Details
Flying Saucer series
This image was captured July 11th 2012 4:04:37 am. The camera was set at f2.5 with ISO 1,600 and a one second exposure. To steady the camera, it was solidly braced on a concrete and brick structure.

Craft Structure
Note the central saucer hub protruding from the primary structure, at the top, and the underside dish-like saucer section, typically depicted in science fiction movies of the 1950s. No individual lights are seen on the craft. There are no predominant colors on the Hull. The object was located behind Taipei 101 some distance as it was occulted by the skyscraper only seconds later. However, the flying saucer never reappeared on the other side of 101.

Flying Saucer - the Series
Refer to the series of digital images at right. This is the Flying Saucer only seconds before it disappeared behind Taipei 101, never to reappear again. The image below, and all the images following it, do not show the flying craft. Full color images show a lack of color on the flying object. Due to the object's albedo, it could have a neutral reflective silvered, white color, or a more subtle color variation.

No saucer visible at 4:04:51 am and thereafter
Craft Runways for Take Off and Landing
Miles behind Taipei 101 in the East are located several runway air strips for craft to take off and land. It's unknown exactly which craft are taking advantage of this location. The real question remains, are these craft flown by local pilots or reconnaissance Aliens. We will continue our monitoring of these very interesting and busy night skies and report back. Stay tuned for more.