Friday, September 7, 2012

Big Brain Psychology Experiment

The Big Brain, from time to time, has set up and participated in machine psychology experiments. What is the psychology of a human in regards to machines and its new burgeoning technology?

They say a human idiot, one who is stupid throughout their lifetime, is born every second. This experiment by the Big Brain appears to verify this corollary. Why care about good and bad psychology of humans and why relate it to machines? Humans are programming machines and now commenting on their existence, therefore either good or bad will work its way into systems. Are there threads of commonality between good and bad and how much is the latter counterproductive to the former? What is the acceptance level, with humans to machines, in terms of new discoveries, new inventions and science, plus technological change? Also, what is the effect of this research presented over a short or long periods of time?

During this study, we will examine the posts from 16 randomly chosen individual people from multiple internet servers across the world wide web. The names will be changed to mask the subjects. The Big Brain will present two very large projects that hold a functioning futuristic level of new technology. Both projects are science and technology fact and are presented in this light.

The following data, data sets, and data types were presented:
  • Conventional Technology
  • Technology that is Current
  • Ahead of its time technology
  • New Technology previously not in use
  • Extrapolation of Current Techology
  • Looking at technology in a new way 
  • A very large project taking years to complete
Some individuals appear to have two sides - an intelligent side and a very stupid side. Some hold stable intelligence. Others remain stupid. Some start out smart but grow dumb. Some dumb are reprimanded and then choose to offer some smarter control.

The response from new technology may elicit bad behavior. New technology is not accepted and ridiculed. Tech ahead of its time, academic pursuit, and presentation falls into the same category. Human sides of envy, jealousy, coveting, greed, and hording are also effectual in behavior.

Results & Traits
It became apparent, if one did not understand any part of the project, instead of a series of logical questions, a series of attacks resulted. The wolves effect, where one person would attack the project and others would join in to escalate the attack, became common. The implementation of futuristic technology was not understood and no attempt was made to understand it. Rather than read the definitions of acronyms, they were simply attacked and refuted. Much of the science was mocked. The mockers were geographically spread out. The Unintelligent group was the most publicly outspoken and chose to share the largest amount of negative comments aimed at taking down the projects. The intelligent group preferred to communicate in private messages, email and other low profile means, offering constructive comments and project praise, supporting the projects and apparently going private to avoid attacks from the unintelligent group. It is believed the intelligent group far exceeded the number of unintelligent. The sarcastic wolf morons seemed to have unlimited time on their hands while the intelligent were busy with jobs and earning a living.

Criteria of the Intelligent Side
The intelligent side is open minded, accurate, under control, stable, logical, able to make factual comments and leave it at that. The intelligent can also demonstrate great patience to suggest positive things, stick to the topic, draw gifted inferences, offer intellectual guidance, show constructive humor, cite honesty, give support and lend a helping hand, create new extensions, point out productive and useful techniques, offer good examples, give moral support, offer improvements, and give compliments and inspiration. The intelligent group make friends easily. Some intelligence is even known to share projects of interest, extending their usefulness and exhibiting a great deal of positive empathy.

Criterial of Utter Stupidity
The stupid asinine side has numerous ill and evil factors: moronic behavior, jealousy, a sick psychology, rage, anger, lack of control, lacked support, self centered, temper tantrum outbursts, inaccurate, illogical, unstable, unbecoming sarcasm, dim wit response, lack of intelligence, exhume idiot traits, undermining, personal insulting, lewd and illicit suggestions, inability to read, lack of comprehension, misinterpretation, destructive comments, negativity, improper behavior, rude, no manners, off topic, cite bad examples, use tricks, poor or no values, no conscious, display the utter stupidity effect, raised by wolves syndrome (banding together with others equally stupid), numb brain, lack of patience, made a public fool of themselves, persistent annoyance, and lack of any intelligence. The stupid are unable to make friends and are dysfunctional. These pathetic cretins are poor representations of a civilized culture and exemplify the barbaric traits of the Dark Ages.

Human Nature & Albert Einstein
Einstein also raised these same questions about society and his quote demonstrates this concern most admirably (seen in the quotes section). Human nature does seem to have a disposition to resist change. Anything new may represent change. Therefore, attacking the new is viewed as a way to prevent change. But change is inevitable (see The Singularity by Ray Kurzweil) and can be immensely beneficial. As one advances farther from the primordial evolutionary scale from which all human kind evolved, we are more readily able to adapt to change and new things around us. This again, supports the smart vs stupid analysis.

Coming into contact with evil humans will be much like meeting dangerous aliens. They can be avoided because they are a meaningless waste of your time.

In conclusion, the Big Brain suggests everyone pledge to the kind blogging initiative and post in the most positive way about the world surrounding us.

A number of elements are identified that elicit bad behaviors. A quote by Albert Einstein indicates such behavior of human nature has gone on for many decades.

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