Sunday, September 9, 2012

Black Hole Event Horizon


In the deepest most spectacular image ever taken by the GT Genius Telescope, a massive Black Hole at the center of the NGC 5128 Centaurus Lenticular Galaxy is spewing forth a giant cosmic space-time relativistic jet of interstellar matter and debri. This is a Big Brain GT Telescope project designed to access either directly or indirectly a Black  Hole's Event Horizon. It has led to a paradigmic shift in technology.

To image the Centaurus Black Hold Jet and the Black Hole Event Horizon proximal, a score of adjuncts were engaged. This is the largest number of Adjuncts ever engaged in the history of Big Brain telescope projects (i.e. ULT, NULT, GT, etc.), and makes the GT Telescope the most powerful ever created. Aperture, for the first time, has reached a remarkable 7,000 miles or 443,520,000 inches. This is equivalent to a 11,265,408-meter wide telescope.

The GT Telescope has ultimately exceeded its TriAperture Mode maximum of 150 miles, transforming into 7,000 miles in aperture in this epic experiment and reconfiguration. This constitutes a paradigmic shift in technology offered by the Big Brain project.

This calls for a new name for this enhanced version of the GT Telescope. The current suggestion is the PGT or Paradigmic Genius Telescope, to represent the new paradigm shift in the Big Brain's telescope technology.

The config opens up another new kind of telescope that can exist in more places, in terms of imaging and spectral character wavelength selection, thereby offering transformations to more ultimate apertures. The imaging Adjuncts can locate at multiple places on Earth and in Space. Currently nodes can also locate directly on planets and moons and other solar system objects such as asteroids. Therefore currently nodes can locate either in orbit around planets, on planets, on solar system objects, or in outer space.

The time travel journey lasted 16 million years to get to this place in space and time. Processing is by the Big Brain Supercomputer at the Big Brain's Deep Space Center and Ultra Space Administration. The DSC and USA are underscores of the Big Brain Project by Humanoido.