Saturday, September 15, 2012

Era of Inner Space

This week marks the ushering in of a new Era, the Inner Space Era.

The Inner Space Era includes the grand exploration and development of the multi dimensional nano space inside the chip (including the innovative Parallax Propeller Chip). The previous Era was the SuperTronic Brain Era. This brings up the number of Era to fourteen. Era was defined since August 5th of 2010, although the first Era overlap with development machines that existed in 2002.

A new set of tools, objects, machines, and are being created for exploring Inner Space. An Inner Space Program has just begun.

When a new era begins, the previous era does not end. Keep in mind that all 14 era are continually in effect, and the results from any one era can be applied to another era. Currently the Big Brain project can draw upon the studies, experiments, machines, tools and results from all 14 era.