Monday, September 10, 2012

Paradigmic GT Telescope

Big Brain Telescope Projects

A massive impetus to the GT Genius Telescope project was impacted yesterday by the ultra use and concatenation of more multiple Adjuncts and the introduction of new techniques. This creates a new GT Telescope far larger than ever imagined.

Aperture  Previously work with the GT Telescope proceeded in a Tri-Aperture mode with selections from 1.5-mile, 15-miles, and 150-miles apertures. However, the successful implementation of a score of Adjuncts has led to a telescope aperture of 7,000 miles. This is a new paradigm in this type of telescope making, hence the new telescope name of Paradigmic Genius Telescope PGT.

Concatenated Adjuncts  Achieving a paradigm resulted from the extreme use of Concatenated Adjuncts which as concatenation increases, so does the aperture. The Calculus of Adjunctive Concatenation is integrated over one to infinity.

Character Selection Wavelength  Achieving paradigmic results is dependent on character selection wavelength. In this new technique, for example, the observation data can occur in one particular wavelength beyond the visible spectrum, added together with other character selections, then converted to optical means.

Drawing in Radio  Radio satellites now come into the equation of the PGT and can be incorporated into the collective. Of course this does not preclude XRAY, Ultraviolet, Infrared, and low and high bands.

Multiplicity  The Paradigmic GT telescope now has access to satellites on other moons and planets, landed probes and probes in the process of landing, and for the first time can include data collection points on the Earth using interferometry.

Interferometry  The technique of interferometry is now introduced to the PGT telescope with the advent of wider band incorporation. This serves to boost up the aperture significantly.

Adjunctive Positioning  Adjunctives can now position at the following locations:
  • On Earth
  • On moons
  • On planets
  • On asteroids
  • In orbit around moons
  • In orbit around planets
  • In orbit around asteroids
  • In orbit around solar system objects
  • In free space enroute

Aperture Determinations  The factors that now determine aperture in the new PGT Telescope include the following:
  • Adjunctive Multiplicity
  • Adjunctive Type
  • Adjunctive Position
  • Character Selection Wavelengths
  • Interferometry Usage
  • UP Universe Penetrator
  • MMS Multi Mag Slider

    Time Travel Into the Past  The PGT can undoubtedly travel back in time as determined by the cosmic distance scale of the selected observational object. This can range from approximately zero (real time) to the age of the Universe, about 13.75 billion years since the time of the Big Bang. The Telescope Viewer already reflects this data number for study and reference.

    Time Travel into the Future  What about travel into the future? The Big Brain is beginning to study Super Massive Black Holes which have Relativistic Event Horizons and gravity wells that change space and time, and in some conditions can offer travel into the future. How the Paradigmic Genius Telescope and the Big Brain will use this technology remains to be seen.

    Age of the Universe

    The GT Telescope
    A very active project is imaging with the newly invented GT Genius Telescope. This monster telescope has a tri aperture mode for 1.5, 15 and 150 mile apertures, and resides part in space and part on the Earth, operated by the Big Brain supercomputer. The GT Telescope is the latest in a series of telescopes by the Big Brain's Ultra Space Program and Ultra Space Administration.

    Paradigmic Genius Telescope PGT Immediate Predecessors
    GT Genius Telescope
    NULT New Ultra Large Telescope
    ULT Ultra Large Telescope

    The Prime Directive 

    Inspirationally speaking, the Big Brain is preparing to embark on the grandest scientific journey though the deepest dimensional regions of space and time and has issued the Prime Directive for the ULTRA ride of a lifetime. We dare you to open your mind, fasten your cosmic seat belt, and join along in sharing this real ultimate mind expanding exploration!
    ULTRA --- a Voyage beyond the stars to grasp the inexplicable unknown, to boldly reach the mysterious edge of the Universe, bravely explore what lies beyond the great Cosmic barrier, to discover strange new exotic worlds and reach farther than what's known into the untrespassed sanctity of transcending dimensions... |the end is only just the beginning.|