Thursday, October 4, 2012

Teleportation of Paradigmic Light

Paradigmic stellar origin light, seen at top, is transported from top to bottom off the grid of space time, thus facilitating a transformation, for example, with the subtraction of various dimension such as space time, and objective fields such as galaxies and nebulae. The academic study of transported Telescopic Paradigmic Light can advance study of the Universe, isolate regions of mater space time, show shifting of paradoxical time travel, and host new studies employing the advanced features of the massively powerful Adjunctive PGT Telescope.


Telescopic Paradigmic Light can now be isolated and transported - teleported off the space time grid onto an alternate dimension, thus eliminating non stellar objects such as the background galaxy and nebulae, even space time itself in a hypothetical planar vial.

This may be useful in the isolation of stellar specific regions, clarifying the matter of space and time, and juxtaposing the data incurred during the processing and transformations for verification and intellectual matter studies.