Thursday, November 8, 2012

Links to the Future

Life has changed with NASA projects. No longer are projects confined to a couple years, but rather blaze a path toward ultimate grand visions that will unfold between ten and 20 years in the future. pages are spectacular with commissioned artistic visions glimpsing the glory of future space exploration. This is a prime opportunity to see the future today.

A new discovered NASA web page feed is spectacular and highly intriguing - an inspiration for anyone conducting their own space program or with interests in the future of humanity's quest toward the stars.

The web site covers current day and future projects of space with imminent time lines for new launch vehicles, explorations beyond Earth orbital space, and manned exploratory journeys to the Moon, Mars and the asteroids. It also covers projects by countries other than the USA. The easy to follow outlines bring up project pages for some of the most interesting and data useful sites. The Big Brain project is following Nasa's Space Flight web site.