Thursday, November 8, 2012

Music Breakthrough

The Big Brain Project knows the value of a good tuned harmonic oscillation, instrumentally useful for numerous applications, studies, and the creation of new inventive devices.

The invention of Autotune is revolutionizing the world of singing. This technique takes a singing, or even speaking voice, and tunes it to musical notes. Singers can be in perfect pitch even if they were not during the recording.

The technique of auto tuning through electronic means has existed for decades. One example from 1998 is Cher's song "Believe."

Cover by Rosebud

Auto Tuning techniques have value in not only in electronics and the music industry, but in other fields of science, such as mechanics and motion, optics and astronomy, thermodynamics, and quantum realities.

Songify works on the Apple iPhone as a free app. (see link)

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