Monday, January 21, 2013

Hit & Run


It's hard to believe, when walking on this very busy pedestrian path at night, with thousands of other people, during the emergence of the night markets, a very large car came pushing through and ran into me from behind. It then quickly turned and sped away on a side street. I don't know how many other people were mowed down.

It's incomprehensible that such driver stupidity exists to even think about traveling on this path during the night market time. I was ok due to fast reaction time and quickly jumping when the first bump was felt on my leg, hand, and arm.

Believe it or not, very large vehicles, even trucks run down this path during the day and night, a place which is so short on space that it cannot even handle one way traffic. However, vehicles attempt two way traffic. When two vehicles come face to face, they often just set there with both parties refusing to move.

While the photo shows the same street, it does not show many of the food stands and clothing shops that were spread directly into the street on the particular night. The conclusion is this area is not safe for pedestrians, in spite of the massive number of pedestrians walking in this area.

The only possible solutions are not to walk this area, traverse this area in a tiny safety vehicle moving at pedestrian walking speed, or walk this area on the side during the daytime when the night markets have not emerged and there is more space.