Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Interesting English

Photo 1
Photo 2

This area will become the collection point for very interesting English with humorous takes and that ultra wacky English we call Chinglish, collected during travel throughout Asia.

Photo 3
The first addition, Photo 1, is the "Perfect comfortable Pharmacy." At first, we were not sure what makes it so comfortable and perfect. Then we realized it was indeed more clean, more new, more neat, and more organized than the other pharmacies we had seen.

Photo 2 shows a store selling bags. The sign is not so sure, is it the "Best Place or Trendy Bags?"

Photo 3 shows a very interesting shoe shop. It's the "comma shoe shop." The bit of twisted grammar indicates the comma may be in the wrong place! ... or when the translator made the translation from Chinese to English, the inclusive "comma" was literally spelled out. Welcome to Chinglish!

Photo 4
In photo 4 we see a store that sells living small appliances. We guess these are the latest crop of intelligent thinking machines that are alive. Live machines maintain life by automatic charging feeding stations.

Photo 5
Tshirts also have interesting English. In photo 5 we see a fake Levi shirt exclaiming the Fresh Dutdors.

Photo 6
Photo 6 also has a wealth strange of English errors.

hourly - hourish
revitalize - recitalise
skin, keep - skin,keep
skin - shin

We're not too certain about the correct spelling of porsjie.