Friday, January 25, 2013



Rather than go days and days without blogging as we work on very large projects, we've decided to post several of the "in between" novel, unusual and decidedly humorous things that we see happening in the local surroundings. Consider these as Earth-based observations.

Work continues on a new Safety Car prototype, designed to eliminate the use of fossil fuels, decrease global warming, lower the cost of city commuting, and improve safety to an ultimate level.

The Parallax Propeller chip and BASIC Stamp are being used to control an instrument panel.

The Lab has opened up and founded a mapping division. Specialize city maps are being created and plotted for a new function car.

The Lab has increased the level of its parts acquisition center, adding greater local resources.

Plans are progressing for the opening of a new USA Laboratory in 2013. 

Usage of the Deck Lab is suspended due to necessary repairs. The overall design of the balcony is like a large water cup and every time it rains, it fills up like an olympic swimming pool - drowning any scientific equipment placed there. The balcony designer failed to install a water drain.

Painting the previously suspended Big Brain Loft due to water leakage is now cancelled. After the leaks were repaired in the buildings above, a good new rain produced new growing spots of water moisture.

Experimentation is continuing with the new iPhone 5 and Siri AI. It's interesting how so many people have personified Siri, as seen on Youtube.

The upcoming human launch into Next Space is being planned for February. The launch was cancelled in January due to impending circumstances. The new launch will take new lab equipment into space and study the upper Earth's atmosphere strata and tenuous space.

New Lab designs are in the making. A new office space is being designed. This will handle many of the space exploration activities and may function as a secondary computer center for research, design, and tracking.

A new observatory is being designed. This will be made from wood and spire upwards to house a series of new telescopes. The telescope are designed to be physically small, but breakthroughs in technology will make their performances physically and optically large.

A secondary mobile observatory is in design progress. It could be towed into the country for ultimate deep reaching astro imaging of the night sky.

We continue to work on life extension, so that these projects may continue. LE programs include diet, exercise, machine application, and other knowledge gained to extend life. If the results extend to 2020 or 2030 remains to be seen.

Work continues on the time travel project as we move closer to the precibus.