Sunday, March 17, 2013

Expanding Q Cores

Expanding Cores There’s an idea in progress for a future machine to use Stamp Expanded Core Threading. This could reduce coring costs when using multiple Stamps and parallel architecture, and increase the number of simulated quantum mechanical effects

The parallel interface of one Q may connect to others with full hardware compatibility. Software will need to recognize additional enumeration or Q addressing. It's easier just to expand the Q addressing by keeping the enumeration intact and adding a prefix that represents which "Q cube" is accessed.

A straight two Qs will equal 8 cores while 10 Qs drive up to 40 cores. Ten straight Qs are less practical in terms of cost. However, there is another approach to core expansion which is free. Refer to Specifications for reducing the cost for each straight Q Machine.

With more economical four core SW threading, each Q could represent 16 cores and a two Q machine could run up to 32 cores. Raw Reflections would take a hit with x4 core threading, peaking at 4,000 instead of 16,000 per second while Inversions would clock in at 2,000 instead of 8,000 per second.

Multiple Cores Project List