Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lab Machine Evolution

Super Computing Machine UltraSpark 5 project goals
Machines have evolved over the past half century in the Lab. Like the evolution of mechanical machines from the Industrial Revolution that proceeded to take other forms, so too has the lab evolved its machines and projects.

In the beginning, the lab created mechanical and electromechanical machines. The first humanoid used mechanics to speak. The large optics grinding machine filled a room with its steel and aluminum cast, belts and pulleys. The large Video Image Processor covered a table and the giant 50-inch diameter telescope filled a garage observatory with parts. This progressed to robotic humanoid machines and AI brains with machine intelligence.

Mechanics gave way to bionics, electrical devices, electronics, virtual reality, and things that go beyond physical machines.

Today, the Lab is working with numerous types of machines, including Procedural Machines and the entire range of recently introduced machine types including Augmentation, Thought, Imagination, Molecular, Gravatomic, Inference, and the new AAR Alternate Reality Machine.