Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monster Combo Machine

Assembling and connecting two Monster Machines is now possible with the new Monster Combo Machine. This makes possible the creation of new views of the universe and fascinating worlds within and beyond.

The Monster Combo Machine is a machine that co-adds together other Monster Machines. This machine currently allows the connective combination of 2 machines. The machine uses the standard Boiler Face Plate with an extra function switch. It may be possible in the future to combine more than two machines, however thus far, only two machines were combined. The Monster Combo Machine is another machine now added to the Monster Machine Collective.

The image shows the combo of Molecular and Inference Engine. Not mentioned is the use of one extremely powerful telescope with possible AAR induction. The view shows a star with all of the stars content mapped onto the star, such as flares, storms, spots, spicules, etc. It garners a space time concentration of moleculars at the moment of reveal in this sun's entire domain and fractional life cycle. This is tangential to the black hole theory that gravitational forces can projectively map holistic matter to create universe worlds.

PMM Procedural Monster Machine
M3 Molecular Monster Machine
Gravatomic Monster Machine
Inference Engine Monster Machine
AAR Alternated-Altercated Reality Monster Machine


Three additional machines under development include the Augmentation Machine, the Cogitation Machine (Thought), and Imaginate Machine (Imagination).

Machine Variety
Monster Combo Machine Anomalous Switch
Monster Combo Machine
Monster Machines
Monster Machine Era

Extremely Powerful Telescopes Update
GGT - Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope
SRT - Space Recycler Telescope
MMT - Molecular Mining Telescope
IET - Inference Engine Telescope

New machines constructed in May included Gravatomic, Molecular, Inference, and Alternate Reality. The AAR Machine can see alternate realities.The Gravatomic Machine was pipe fit onto the GGT Telescope to see objects in gravatomic constructs. The Molecular Machine was fit on the MMT to see objects in molecular transformations (see links below). The Inference Engine was developed for elements of idea, creativity, vision, innovation, reasoning, interpolation, extrapolation, and running experiments to explore the sixth dimensional element of Imagination Power.