Friday, September 27, 2013

Deadly Pollution

You cannot escape this deadly pollution no matter where you live in the world. The jet stream, trade winds, and various migrations (soil, water, rain, animals, food, fish, ocean, streams, rivers, etc.) will deliver chemical poisonous pollution to you causing premature death.
When you have the worst pollution in the world, and a population of billions, a few million people who die every month may not be very noticeable, especially if your country keeps health, pollution, and death statistics secret.

Once again in our country, the trade winds have shifted from summer to fall weather, bringing in a complete cast of deadly and toxic air pollution. No matter where you live in the world, you cannot hide from the harmful effects of this pollution.

When pollution is carried down-wind across continents and affects millions of other people, and changes climate for the worse, causing increases in global warming, causing cancer, obstructing the atmosphere, and creating dire and adverse effects on ecology, ocean aquatic life, plants, oxygen generation, rising temperatures, and a greenhouse effect, it's time to act now!

The pollution is caused by manufacturing, dumping of chemicals, burning garbage, using coal and fossil fuels as energy, and destroying our natural habitat, such as cutting down trees and vital vegetation in the rain forest (from which produces the oxygen we breathe and where we gather critical life saving medicines that cannot be artificially duplicated).

You think it's fun watching people blow up things? Think again. Every fire, every explosion, burns valuable oxygen that you need to breathe and survive. Where will this lost oxygen come from? When the rainforest is gone, and global forests are completely gone, the Earth and its people will die. The Earth will become a windswept desert of sand, hot, dry, with no life.

The pollution finds its way into the ground through acid rain, into your water supply, into the trade winds that sweep across the world day and night, into the upper atmosphere and it settles on your face, your skin, inside your lungs, in the soil, and in the plants and animals you eat. You'll even lose your hair from the top down caused by your habit of walking outside.

The short term and long terms effects are dangerous. Global warming is not about raising the temperature a few degrees but rather raising temperatures higher by 10 to 20 degrees at a time. Currently the poles of the Earth contain ice as a balance to rising temperatures, but when this ice melts, the balance is gone, and temperatures could rise 50 to 100 degrees or hotter.

Scientists have a good handle on the understanding of a planet gone wild with a runaway greenhouse effect. The planet Venus was once like the Earth but now has become hot enough to melt lead on its surface. Its atmosphere has become so thick, telescopes find a difficult or impossible task to view its surface.

Every wonder why the frequency, strength and ferocity of hurricanes, tornadoes and typhoons are massively increasing? Now you know. This is a trend that will continue if runaway pollution is left to go awry.

Pollution will destroy ecosystems, destroy food supplies, end crop production, stop farming, and lead to the death of life in the ocean. It will cause a greenhouse effect run wild, where the sun's rays cannot escape from the Earth, and temperatures will continue to increase. This can destroy the protective ozone layer and ultraviolet rays will penetrate as harmful radiation, burning the skin off people who are outdoors and not protected.

Ever see someone die from pollution? It's not pretty. They develop horrendously painful cancer that eats away at the internal organs. They vomit out their internal intestines from the inside out. It's like breathing in chemical weapons. The acid will eat you away. Pollution also clogs the lungs, produces black sticky tar and pitch, causing diseases like emphysema, when one will die of a horrible suffocation. It's like being underwater and slowly drowning. It's a horrible way to die and no one can help you.

How about your eyes? It will feel like sharp knives in your eyes, horrible irritations from airborne chemicals, terrible burning, stinging like a bee sting, they turn red, water, puss emerges out in the night, blood vessels burst, and you suddenly go blind, a remaining life in the dark, without eyes, without vision...

Your skin will develop bumps, lesions, ticks, moles, extrusions, cancer and tumors and the skin cells' nucleus will become damaged and no longer be able to properly replicate, causing other cancerous manifestations and flesh eating disease. The top of your head, that is the first receptacle to pollution, will go bald, as hair thins out, losing more and more hair, if you live long enough.

So now is the time to take action! We urge everyone, everywhere, of every culture, to immediately take action. Everyone on this Earth must do their part. Only by working together can we make the Earth a better place for everyone.

1) Stop cutting down the rainforest, trees and other forests
2) Stop dumpling of harmful chemicals
3) Stop burning harmful coal and fossil fuel
4) Stop burning garbage
5) Stop insideous construction of nuclear power plants in dangerous locations (earthquake, volcano, flood, tsunami, tornado, typhoon, landslide, sink hole, and hurricane zones)
6) Stop dumping in the ocean
7) Stop nuclear and other testing
8) Stop burning and blowing things up
9) Stop all manufacturing which creates harmful ingredients

A) Plant new grass, trees and forests
B) Use alternatives for energy that are not involved in burning fossil fuels (solar, wind, ocean wave, hydroelectric, earth core heat pumps, magma deposit heat extraction, volcanic heat, rain, storm energy, etc.)
C) Manufacturing emissions must be filtered, clean, safe
D) Recycle ALL garbage and all discarded items
E) Make cities with mandatory oxygen producing landscaping and vegetation (rooftops can contain small forests)
F) Implement new safe technology
G) Plan city skyscraper layouts with appropriate wind paths to decrease temperatures and the effort of which air conditioners must work
H) Launch rockets into space with alternative energy
I) Replace gas burning cars with electric cars
J) Immediately stop dependence on oil
K) Do not use products known to create deadly pollution
L) Create or take part in all recycling programs