Sunday, September 22, 2013

Robot Explorer Log 9 Interplanetary TV Monitor


Robot Explorer is designed to transmit images and telemetry to a base station with a monitor. The monitor receives data on TV channel 3 by analog and also requires AV input to display images from a receiver. The system gathers images from the robot on a remote solar system planet or moon.

The TV is not an easy find in Taiwan, since the country has moved from analog to digital cable and wireless stations no longer exist. Analog TVs are becoming more scarce as they are no longer made in Taiwan. So this "analog and digital" TV with multiple capability was a real find!

The Taiwan-made Poptron 5.6-inch TFT-LCD TV/Monitor, model PRVC-010, runs either in a car from the cigarette lighter adapter or a wall power supply. It receives UHF/VHF bands and American channels. It includes a whip antenna, remote, and a good array of plug in capability for AV video in and out, power, external antenna, earphone, band selector, etc. The AV is in standard NTSC composite 1v pp format. It includes a swivel mounting base stand. Controls include brightness, color, volume, on/off, and channel up down.

Uses include direct wireless reception from a Parallax Propeller chip on TV USA channel 3 for programming and a remote operations channel for telemetry. It can also direct connect by NTSC AV from a Propeller board, for programming the chip. Used with a receiver, it can display images from a miniature wireless camera and serve as a scientific monitor in a laboratory or a base station for interplanetary operations.