Sunday, September 1, 2013

September International Robotics Trophy Award

Recognizing outstanding individuals in robotics, invention, and computing science: September 2013 - Eric Ostendorff
Eric Ostendorff with a Parallax Scribbler robot

Eric Ostendorff 
Winner of Humanoido Lab's International Robotics Trophy Award
for outstanding contributions in the field of robotics and contributing science to Humanoido Laboratories

There's undoubtedly a time an a place for everything in the universe. Humanoido Labs has taken this time to recognize outstanding individuals in various fields of Science as directly observed by the Lab.

While we want to recognize numerous people, we can only make presentations one at a time. The person chosen for this award is not only gifted with great intelligence and continuing ingenuity, but is also tempered with patience, dedication, helpfulness, friendliness, and has qualities of being polite, courteous, civil, and respectful towards others - qualities which are sometimes difficult to find in today's fast competitive world.

— is there an equal to the mind of Einstein? We think yes! —

Eric is known as Erco on the Parallax Forum. He is also known for his innovation with brilliant robotics projects and a line of inspiring robots which he designed and built. Erco's humor has brightened the days of many people who read his voluminous postings. His many outstanding articles in Robot Magazine and his helping and volunteering status, sharing an abundance of technical information, being generous, and going out of his way to help others are many feathers in his well populated cap, paving the way towards a legacy that will be remembered far into the future.

One of many Ostendorff patents
LEFT: Ostendorff Patent, wrist activated weapons firing exoskeleton suit

Erco uses clever thinking and inventiveness to create toys making children happy across the world.

He has developed a new purveyance of looking at the world with uniqueness of vision, even with simplicity to make the world a better place for others.

He has popularized less costly robot construction materials, for example. In particular, he has pointed out new functions for existing robotics sensors and ascribed multiple solutions to specific robotic needs. His problem solving capabilities are appreciated not only by new entrances to the field of robotics, but to masters as well.

Erco has continually researched parts suppliers and revealed key information about good deals to the followers of the Parallax Forum, helping make many projects affordable and "doable." He has accrued more than enough additional points to win this months award.

Hot Wheels Master
"Eric Ostendorff is a senior staff designer for Hot Wheels®, creating innovative Hot Wheels® toys. Since joining Mattel in 1983, he has designed and developed successful and innovative track sets that are fun to play with, such as Gorilla Attack™, Terrordactyl, Formula Circle™ and his first Hot Wheels® track set – Leapin’ Demons™. Prior to joining Mattel, Ostendorff worked as an engineer at Pratt & Whitney Jet Aircraft Engines. His expertise was used to create engines for F-15 and F-16 aircrafts. He graduated from Virginia Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Ostendorff’s motivation to work for Mattel was so strong, that he secured his interview by claiming he had created a “revolutionary invention,” although he had not yet created it. However, his background of growing up in a family of designers and experience from Pratt & Whitney helped him in making an electro-mechanical flight simulator, a “revolutionary invention” at the time of the interview. The innovation showcased his skill set in design, mechanics and electronics, helping him to secure the very next job opening at Mattel." SOURCE: