Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Brain Cortex Thermometers Part 9


Today, two different types of room thermometers are appended to the jar core design.

It's important to monitor the jar's core temperature and the temperature status of charging batteries, and track the interior humidity levels and the effectiveness of the desiccator. When batteries become warm during the charging process it's an indication that the charging process is complete. It may also indicate that the trickle charger is trickling too much and adjustment to the charging power feed is required.

The first is a spirit filled traditional small thermometer with ~ -30 to +50 degree Centigrade scale, intended for food freezer use. Part number G-590. The glass tube is the same length as a 1.5-volt D-size battery. It has a scale in one degree increments. The goal is to remove the suction cup which makes the unit smaller, and attach or place this thermometer to the proximity of one battery and monitor the charging temperature during the charging process, and continuously monitor the battery temperature to assure everything is nominal. The thermometer can stay mounted inside the jar, remaining with close contact with a single battery for continuous monitoring and inspections. The temperature will be read through the transparent jar. Like other traditional thermometers of this type, there is no maintenance. The cost was NT$85.

The second unit is a battery operated (LR1130) electronic thermometer and hygrometer, part number TH-233B. It has a temperature range from -50 to +70 degrees Fahrenheit, or -58 to +158 deg. F. The hygrometer ranges from 20% RH to 99% RH. The accuracy is +/- 1.5 deg. C. The unit housing is 75(L) x 65(W) x 13(D) mm. Cost was NT$200. This unit has a large LCD display and easily read when accessing the home jar interior status from the outside of the jar. The temperature and relative humidity will be read through the trans jar. Other than a poke hole for changing the Centigrade reading to Fahrenheit, this unit has no controls and runs automatically.

One tip when purchasing low cost thermometers is to compare the actual temperatures with an average of all other thermometers on the store shelf. Purchase a thermometer that is closest to the average reading of temperatures to get the most accuracy.

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