Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mini Brain Cortex

The Mini Brain Cortex in a jar was in use for about a week, until it outgrew its 1 liter jar home. The Mini was more finicky, requiring a greater attention to charging and battery care due to its smaller AA cells battery pack which contained only two batteries. it paved the way for it's bigger 3-liter sibling with immortality. Throughout its life span, it served as a prototype model and test bed for the larger cortex with greater longevity. It included a 3-volt polycrystalline solar panel and eight core Parallax Propeller chip, recharging circuit and programs in Spin language. Unlike "Brain in a Jar" the Mini Brain Cortex was able to achieve great life spans due to its ability to recharge during the day and operate from batteries in the night. Ironically, it never achieved immortal status due to a major upgrade after one week.

— our project is to develop and demonstrate a machine brain transfer, in particular to accept some relatively simple characteristics of a human brain and transfer portions to that of a machine brain, whereby those characteristics could be given a life longevity far exceeding that of the original human, and perhaps establishing immortality