Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Age of Molecular Mining

Molecular mining has come of age with the recent introduction of the most powerful molecular telescope ever built. This telescope sports spectacular features with the highest resolution and largest telescopic boiler face plate ever designed, built and successfully put into operation.

The telescope maintains iconic compatibility with the previous array of extremely powerful telescopes and adds a number of new features. As of November 28th, 2013, two images are obtained through the Massive Molecular Mining M3T Telescope, one of Saturn showing the globe and a huge array of crisp rings in visible energy.

The other image is in moleculars showing things never seen before and opens the door to many new studies and experiments. This is now a color telescope version to facilitate the visible energy mode, while hundreds of telescope controls are available as developed for previous telescopes. Compatibility between telescopes was one of the best features introduced to the line of extremely powerful telescopes.

The M3T has the ability to rapidly switch back and forth from Moleculars to color Visible Energy, and visa versa. Moleculars have a typical unchanging unique hue of their own. Thus far, the M3T has explored one object in the solar system. The next target planned is a special galaxy deep in the Universe after config.