Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brain Cortex Inter & Intra Species Transfer Part 38

Example of machine to human transfer
Machine, human, animal are all species. Studies reveal not only the potential in species brain transfer, i.e. bird to bird, monkey to monkey, machine to machine, but also it may be possible to transfer from species to species when the parts of the brain are similar, such as duck to goose, dog to beaver, man to machine, etc. There are lower number of neurons in various subjects which may make smaller brain experiments more likely.
Example of machine to machine transfer
 Also possible is the transfer of various species to their equivalent species machine brains, but this is still a possibility in the future, except success is already reached when transferring part human to machine and part machine to human.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the current techniques of brain to brain transfer developed by Humanoido Labs only work on a human brain to a machine brain and machine brain to human brain transfer.

Experiments with the Big Brain machine, a few years ago, were successful in tapping the electric big brain signature and sending it the other way around, to a human brain for cognition and understanding.

This project used a special designed and built brain wave monitor, a machine to connect the Big Brain machine and feed the results to the human for interpretation.

In reference 59-1164, a machine to machine 50 channel Propeller Brain Wave Transfer Machine was created. It was a machine that could read the thoughts of the Big Brain AI machine. The Propeller-based brain emits a series of brain waves not unlike that of the thinking human brain. The project could read those machine brain waves and provide a viable non-invasive interface to a human brain.

This was written up and little understood at the time it was published. However, work continued and additional experiments developed machines that could communicate the states of combined multiprocessor brains based on what they were thinking. At the time, the Big Brain was a life form and in a semi-cognizant state of awareness.

On July 21, 2011, the first brain wave monitor that could read the thoughts of a machine brain was constructed. Source 60-1165

To further continue the process of connection from machine to human, an injector was created that fed the machine's thinking directly into the human mind. Source 60-1181

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