Saturday, November 16, 2013

Simple Time Travel with a Penny

Time travel from the distant past to 1974 was possible by using the technique in the blog and exemplified with this penny at the time travel destination.
How to Achieve Exemplified Time Travel with a Penny
by Humanoido

There are many ways to travel throughout time though most of the methods involved are quite complicated and require special preconditions. For example, you may need a spaceship that can travel faster than one tenth the speed of light to undergo relativistic time changes. One may need a black hole's powerful gravitational field to modify time... or one may need only a penny!

A penny you say???!!! Yes, a penny is all you need to show how easy it is to time travel into the distant future. The criteria for the penny is that you must create a bubble for it to travel through time. The bubble contains the requirements to "preserve" the object as it moves forward normally in the flow of time.

For example, the BSS BASIC Stamp Supercomputer was created in 2008 and preserved in its operating condition. Rather than disassemble it for other projects, it was kept fully functional and preserved. This preservation has involved safety shipping means, special dust free containment,  proper environment for temperature, pressure, humidity, and protection from accident or environmental catastrophe. As a result, the BSS has traveled about six years into the future from early 2008 to late 2013.

How about humans? If humans can live long enough, will they see the future? Like the BSS, they must be surrounded by a good environment and remain free of fatal disease, accident or natural catastrophe.

Time travel in Taiwan
Back to the penny. In the 1950s, an old man received a shiny new dated penny. He thought, if this penny can change into a shiny new 1974 penny, then I will be living in the far distant future. Many decades of time passed, and one day the year was 1974 and the same man held a new shiny penny in his hand, knowing he had traveled throughout time, as he remembered that a wish of time travel to the future, exampled with a penny, was now reality.

What is time, time travel and the flow of time. Time travels in the forward direction relative to the passage of events. Time travel can be a physical element in the real world such as your position relative to a powerful gravity source. It can be physiological depending on a persons age relative to the time line. Time can also be psychological impinging on the mental condition of a person (for example, impatient, sick, sleepy).