Saturday, November 16, 2013

Telescope Smapping

How do you make new discoveries in fundamental space time and relative juxtaposed alternate dimensions or strange new realities in the Cosmos? Smapping is the key! Smap your data in the face and see fantastic results that will blow your mind!

Smapping originally was derived from a special point mapping technique, but the technique was taken to a new level in a recent inventive discovery. Smapping has transformed into a special new technique, created by using a telescope to map space time and additional dimensional space to preset parametric plans.

Smapping can be applied to moleculars, inference, gravatomics, and other science flowing from the top ten most powerful telescopes created by Humanoido Laboratories. Connecting Smapping to telescopes shows new dimensional qualities that remained hidden previously.

Different smapping domains are now possible. Determining the domain of a single Smap is a large topic. Different Smaps derived with different domains yield different results. Smapping could lead to new discoveries because in the past, Smapping was unknown.

Preset parametric plans are created to compare gargantuan quantities of view-converging nodal points in space time and the universe, thus better understanding connecting patterns in the Cosmos and beyond time.

Objects, space, time, anomalies, dimensions, quantum effects, moleculars, gravatomics, inferences, can all undergo Smapping. It's possible to Smap from one to the other.

This allows Smapping from one dimension to another, as in dimensions defined by quantum fields, or someday from one universe to another.