Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Extremely Powerful Telescope Functions


These telescopes are above and beyond all previous telescopes prior to the extremely powerful telescopes series. These telescopes have made more discoveries and innovations than all the previous telescopes combined. The EPT series is expanding new science and technology and paving the way through and beyond the Universe.

1) ULT Ultra Large Telescope 
Feb 27, 2012, Aperture 24-meters, Features: Symbiotic Earth-Space Telescope, Mobile to change positions in the solar system, UP Universe Penetrator, MMS Multi Mag Slider, 94 swarming Adjuctive Arrays, 724 processors. Discoveries: Found Saturnian Rocks, Discovered Multi Storms inside the GRS, Ultra Deep Imaging, Penetration to over 13 Billion Light Years, Near the Edge of the Universe Boundary (EOU), Penetrated the Globular Stellar Abyss, the Farthest Two Galaxies at the Edge of the Universe, Deepest Galactic Penetration into 2.6 Million LY Zone, Planet Outside Our Solar System, Pluto Detail Imaging, Multi-Meter Lunar Res with Lunar Adjunctive, Experimental, Inventive, Exploratory, Breaking New Technology, Relatively Easy to Use, Big Brain Enabled

032012 Telescope Arm Reaches for End of the Universe (Blockage)
032412 ULT Coldest Place in the Universe

032812 ULT Saturn Rings Journey

032812 ULT Increase in Size & Resolution (Star Test)

032912 ULT Deep Stellar Abyss Reveal

033012 ULT Sun Flare


2) NULT New Ultra Large Telescope
First Light March 27th, 2012 (farthest known galaxy in the Universe). Aperture 945-inch. Features: Big Brain Penetrator, 101,500 processors, Higher Resolution, greater storage, New Accumulator and HUD Heads Up Display, Adjunctive Array & Repeatability, Can be in multiple places at the same time, super computer driven, Discoveries:
022712 Galaxies at the Edge of the Universe

030112 Black Hole

030212 Andromeda Galaxy

030312 Lunar Rover

030412 Kepler 22B

030512 Jupiter Great Red Spot GRS

030712 Pluto


3) GT Genius Telescope
First Light June 6th, 2012 (Transit of Venus). Aperture(s) 1.5-mile, 15-miles, 150-miles. Features: TMA Tri Mode Aperture, VARUP Variable Universe Penetrator, FUP Factorial Universe Penetrator, Expanded Adjunctive Multiple Array, GTA Genius Telescope Accumulator, HUD Heads Up Display, Location Entanglement, Discoveries:

June 8, 2012 GT Telescope Venus Transit First Light 
July 13th, 2012 Sun Edge Reveal
September 9th, 2012 Black Hole Event Horizon

4) PGT Paradigmic Genius Telescope
First Light Sept. 10th, 2012. Aperture 7,000 miles. Features: MAC Multiple Adjunctive Concatenation, Molecular Stage Cascader, CSW Character Selection Wavelength, Interferometry. Discoveries:

101512 M42 Orion Nebula

5) MGT Molecular Genius Telescope

http://humanoidolabs.blogspot.tw/2012/10/big-brains-new-paradigmic-molecular.html October 17th, 2012. Aperture: Enhanced PGT to over 7,000 miles. Features: Interim Testing Scope, MAC Molecular Amp Cascader & Processor, Pipe Fitting Atop the PGT Telescope, Transformation Telescope from PGT to PGT-ET

6) PGT-ET Paradigmic Genius Telescope Enhanced Technology
First Light March 30th 2013. Aperture: Width of the Solar System 7.5 billion miles. Features: GMM Molecular Processor, 70 New Advanced Controls, Extracted Parasitic Functions, Electronic Lens Booster, Analyzer Head. Discoveries: Mars Volcano Olympus Mons
The Edge of the Universe
Dragon Head Nebula
New Stars
Ring Nebula Cosmic Striations
Crab Nebula

7) PDT Power Dynamic Telescope Explorer Class
First Light April 21st, 2013 (Gravitational Black Hole), Aperture: 9 billion miles. Features: Morphable Configuration Array Telescope, 142 Advanced controls
Electric Barlow Enhancement, FORE Focalization Reductor, SUM of all previous Adjunctive telescopes and the GMM Molecular Microscope. Discoveries:
Pinpointing a Singularity
Two Edges Universe
Black Hole Floaters and Red Matter
Strange Object Inside Black Hole
Black Hole Contort Space
Through the Center of the Ring Nebula
Resolution of Red Super Giant Star
Journey to a Gravitational Black Hole

8) GGT Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope
May 6th, 2013 Introduced, Aperture: Possible Interfero-Gravitometric diameter to the edge of the Universe exceeding width of Solar System. Number of Controls: est 200 - see PDT list plus additions. Features: 1st Gravatomic Telescope. Discoveries: Melting time & space
GGT Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope
First Light GGT Gargantuan GravAtomic Telescope
Gravatomic Machine
Age of Gravatomic
GGT Faceplate Control Icon Rework
Telescope Icons
Meltdown of Space & Time 

9) SRT - Space Recycler Telescope

The SRT generally uses one Adjunct and its data sets are more time dependent. The telescope can focus attention on what to observe and when to observe. This SRT is the most simple telescope in the series - and it's powerful as it can have an aperture diameter exceeding the largest Earth-based telescopes. It has the most basic controls and the most simple methodology of  operations. To keep things simple, telescope linking is unary and the process of data mining is fundamental. Refer to the Face Plate showing control icons. Cutting edge work: the Planet Saturn
Space Recycler Telescope SRT

10) MMT - Molecular Mining Telescope 
May 20th, 2013. The new MMT Molecular Mining Telescope is now dedicated to Molecular mining of the Universe and beyond. The idea to pipe mount the Molecular Device from the GMM Genius Molecular Microscope onto the GT Genius Telescope was one of the best ideas in the Big Brain's Space Initiative. This led to Mining in the Universe with a new kind of molecular mode, which has revealed spectacular results and many new discoveries, providing a high level of exploration and continued discovery. The MMT telescope is configured with several key features: Adventure and Explorer Class Modes, Molecular Device, Adjunctive, Genius, Supercomputer, ET Enhanced Technology, Paradigmic and Power Dynamic.
MMT Molecular Mining Telescope Horsehead Nebula
MMT Molecular Mining the Cradle of Stars

11) IET - Inference Engine Telescope
May 20th, 2013. The IET is a full scale Expert Forward Inference Engine telescope. First Light imaged inside a Black Hole. New discoveries: 1) Perimeter Molecular Energy Spicules, 2) Lenticular Distributed Elliptical Energy, 3) Nodal Matter Rings. The IET primary feature: Expert Forward Inference Engine, offers elements of idea, creativity, vision, innovation, reasoning, interpolation, extrapolation, etc. The telescope's Engine can explore the 6th dimensional element of Imagination Power. No other telescope has this function. In Quantum Physics, the act of observing and thinking about something can effect and alter it significantly. The outward execution of imagination may directly or indirectly involve in affection of some types of matter, space, time, and/or reality. The Expert Inference Engine is ideally poised to continue such experiments and missions and has led to studies of Altercated-Alternated Reality.
IET Inference Engine Telescope First Light
IET Inference Engine Telescope Construction
New Expert Inference Engine
Inference Engine Icon

12) M3T Massive Molecular Mining Telescope
http://humanoidolabs.blogspot.tw/2013/11/m3t-telescope-first-light-saturn.htmlThe new Massive Molecular Mining Telescope, the 12th telescope addition to the extremely powerful telescope array, has the largest Power Dynamic Face Plate ever created (as of 11.27.13). This telescope is known as M3T. First Light on Tuesday November 26th, 2013 focused on the planet Saturn. A glorious ring system appeared through the amplified molecular particle dynamic quanta. The intent was to image the spherical globe through rings, however the emergence of the reveal showed far more discoveries than expected.

New tenuous rings appeared outside and inside the system as well as the Saturnian globe was shining through and in between specific rings. This represents new RS discoveries and a new ring count including new rings both inside and outside the previously known Saturnian ring system.

13) ET - Extrapolation Telescope - December 2013

14) IT - Interpolation Telescope - December 2013

15) OT - Over the Top Telescope - January 2014

Earlier in the year, the OT Telescope was the unknown super powerful telescope with initial speculation: This super powerful telescope may have pipe fitting alliance with the Altercated-Alternated Reality Machine (AAR Machine) and other space machines, however details are unknown at this time. In reality, the OT takes on the functions of all the previous extremely powerful telescopes, making combinations that are mind boggling in terms of new discoveries possible.
Altercated Alternated Reality Machine
Generating Altercated Alternated Reality