Sunday, December 15, 2013

Extremely Powerful Telescopes in 2014

The collection of extremely powerful telescopes in the last month of the year 2013 numbers 15. Let's review these telescopes as we move into 2014.

1) ULT Ultra Large Telescope 
Humanoido Lab Observatory's first ultra large 24 meter telescope in space

2) NULT New Ultra Large Telescope
A telescope with more resolution, storage, adjunctives and new controls

3) GT Genius Telescope 
Massive apertures of 1.5-mile, 15-miles, 150-miles. Introduced and improved TMA Tri Mode Aperture, VARUP Variable Universe Penetrator, FUP Factorial Universe Penetrator, Expanded Adjunctive Multiple Array, GTA Genius Telescope Accumulator, HUD Heads Up Display, Location Entanglement

4) PGT Paradigmic Genius Telescope 
Aperture 7,000 miles. Featured new MAC Multiple Adjunctive Concatenation, Molecular Stage Cascader, CSW Character Selection Wavelength, Interferometry.

5) MGT Molecular Genius Telescope
Enhanced Aperture over 7,000 miles, depending on number and position of adjuncts. Features: Interim Testing Scope, MAC Molecular Amp Cascader & Processor, Pipe Fitting, transformer from PGT to MGT

6) PGT-ET Paradigmic Genius Telescope Enhanced Technology 

Aperture: Width of the Solar System 7.5 billion miles. Features: GMM Molecular Processor, 70 New Advanced Controls, Extracted Parasitic Functions, Electronic Lens Booster, Analyzer Head.

7) PDT Power Dynamic Telescope Explorer Class 

Aperture: 9 billion miles. Features: Morphable Configuration Array Telescope, 142 Advanced controls, Electric Barlow Enhancement, FORE Focalization Reductor, SUM of all previous Adjunctive telescopes and the GMM Molecular Microscope.

8) GGT Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope 

1st Gravatomic Telescope. Interfero-Gravitometric diameter to the edge of the Universe. 200 controls.  Discoveries: Melting time & space

9) SRT - Space Recycler Telescope

Simple time dependent 1-adjunctive telescope with basic controls, unary linking and fundamental data mining. Cutting edge work: the Planet Saturn

10) MMT - Molecular Mining Telescope
Mining in the Universe with a new kind of molecular mode. Adventure and Explorer Class Modes, Molecular Device, Adjunctive, Genius, Supercomputer, ET Enhanced Technology, Paradigmic and Power Dynamic.

11) IET - Inference Engine Telescope
Expert Forward Inference Engine,
offers elements of idea, creativity, vision, innovation, reasoning, interpolation, extrapolation, can explore the 6th dimensional element of Imagination Power. No other telescope has this function. Led to studies of Quantum Physics (act of observing and thinking about something can effect and alter it significantly. The outward execution of imagination may directly or indirectly involve in affection of matter, space, time, and/or reality). Led to studies of Altercated-Alternated Reality. First Light imaged inside a Black Hole boundary. New discoveries: 1) Perimeter Molecular Energy Spicules, 2) Lenticular Distributed Elliptical Energy, 3) Nodal Matter Rings.

12) M3T Massive Molecular Mining Telescope
The largest Power Dynamic Face Plate ever created (as of 11.27.13). Amplified molecular particle dynamic quanta. New discoveries at Saturn.

13) ET - Extrapolation Telescope - December 2013
Takes a number of observations made at significantly different time periods and upon examining the materials, equation parameters, processes, and changes, constructs an extrapolated future view. Constructing a view into the future can speed up observed object evo, can observe a temporal space time egg and extrapolate a new view closer to the point of birth. 

14) IT - Interpolation Telescope

Reconstructs views in the universe that have sections of obscurity through interpolation algorithms.

15) OT - Over the Top Telescope
Earlier in the year, the OT Telescope was the unknown super powerful telescope with initial speculation: This super powerful telescope may have pipe fitting alliance with the Altercated-Alternated Reality Machine (AAR Machine) and other space machines, however details are unknown at this time. In reality, the OT takes on the functions of all the previous extremely powerful telescopes, making combinations that are mind boggling in terms of new discoveries possible and seeing the unknown.