Saturday, October 18, 2014



Work has evolved with Komputer, the new processing machine inside the powerful Black Box Space Machine - the enigmatic multi purposed function machine designed for Space1 Company. Space1 is a space tourist venture that allows "anyone" to go into space and tour the excitement.

Komputer now has two versions, i.e. two chip versions are being tested and analyzed. The photos are example configs. The top shows version 2 with multiple processors and chips, while the lower photo shows two single processors connected together.

Komputer is part of the Safety Rocket. The Safety Rocket invention assures the safety of the astronaut(s) riding into space and returning aboard the rocket.

The one chip version is easy to program but is not a parallel processor. It handles many tasks in linear fashion.

The second chip is a parallel processor with multiple processors inside one chip. It can process many things simultaneously, but is very challenging to program.

The project uses spinoff technologies from the AM Algorithm Machine and the Big
Brain. Also, technology is brought in from the Quadlyzer Quantum Machine. (see bottom photo)

The Quad uses four single processors arranged in a cubical fashion.