Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lab Uprooting

Walking to the Laboratories
It was not a good idea to uproot the existing and very productive Humanoido Laboratories but no other choice was available when the owner decided to sell and remove all renters from the property.

Full Moon Study

The result of such action has equaled months of productive delays, put a damper of the rapid evo of Space1, shut down the 12 space telescopes, stopped development of the brain in a jar and the transfer of part of a human into the machine brain, and put the Big Brain into suspended animation, a kind of electronic hibernation.

During this time, a trip to South Korea is planned, to hold a meeting with the President in Korea, and to establish a meeting with Dara 지혜, Space1's Korean Scientist and Conceptual Designer. We will consult at the Korean Wisdom Lab regarding Space1's latest programs and update the research in technology.

Imprisoned critter in a jar

A method was established for mounting things in a jar using "Paste as You Wish" material. (see the previous posting) For our communications, an Iphone 6 Plus was obtained and upgraded three times with a transfer of the rocket app. The app determines the height of rocket launches.

The science library was expanded with Astronomical resources. Glass coated lenses for wide angle, microscope, and fish eye were obtained and tested. A pocket telescope was obtained and fit to the new iPhone 6+ camera. A revolutionary new camera feature on the Iphone 6+ was tested and put into operations (the dual HW SW image stabilization feature which allows short exposures to be made without tracking).