Friday, January 23, 2015

Space1 Space Tourism Notes & Comments

Space tourism across the world
Space1 space tourism venture
This page will include select topics and ongoing notes with comments about Space1 that define its purpose and evolving characteristics.

Gone are the days where space exploration was confined to only a few countries. Space1 space tourism start-up is a growing international venture vested in multiple countries. Going international is designed to increase funding, provide more resources, result in faster development, and create evolutionary ideas of technology in space expansion.

ABOUT SPACE1 Space1 is an innovative startup space tourism rocket company that was founded in January of 2014. The Founder, CEO and rocket scientist of Space1 is the inventor of the Safety Rocket and technology materials designed to keep its astronauts and space tourists alive and safe during flight in the event of an anomaly. Space1 is promoting its rocket spaceports and space tourism throughout the world. For more information about Space1, follow the extent of its over 50 web pages at

How can we end the loss of life which has occurred numerous times within the space program and it's development since the beginning in the 1950s? In over 70 years, mankind did not invent a safe way to travel in space or run tests on the ground! Now, these days are over, according to Space1's Founder, CEO, and Rocket Scientist. Space1 has vowed not to let catastrophes happen to its astronauts and tourists by inventing the Assurance Safety Rocket. The ASR can preserve the lives of astronauts and space tourists during rocket tourism travel with the highest level of safety.

to be continued...