Thursday, January 15, 2015

Space1 Rocket Shuttle

In this design, the shuttle remains attached to the rocket until reaching apogee. It then detaches and ejects for a spiraling glide path return to the Earth and a soft landing. The rocket returns by parachute and is recovered for reuse.


Space1's rocket program continues with the design and development of a rocket shuttle to return astronauts safely to the Earth.

Shuttle separate from rocket
There are three designs for research. In the first design, the entire rocket is the space rocket shuttle and remains attached during the Earth return.

In the second design, the shuttle is at the top of the rocket, the rocket falls away and returns by parachute, and the space rocket shuttle returns to the Earth by active steerable gliding.

Rocket plane
In another version of this design, the space rocket shuttle is trimmed to automatically go into a circular and spiraling return flight.

The third design, the space rocket shuttle is attached to the side of the rocket and detaches for the return trip. All three designs are under study with scale models to determine flight behaviors and sequences.

To maintain balance in the former design, two shuttles attach to opposing sides and simultaneously return to the Earth at apogee.