Sunday, January 4, 2015

Space1 Update 2015

Artistic representation of distant worlds in space awaiting tourism

Space1 is a private space-faring enterprise and international business to bring safe space tourism to the world. Developing the Safety Rocket, Space1 is working towards ensuring that all people, irregardless of their age, gender, social status, physical condition, location, health, culture, religion, education or training, may have the opportunity to experience space tourism.

Space1 Contact Email
You may contact space1 by sending letters to space1usa on our account.

Name Change
The abbreviated name Space1 is now being used over the long name of SpaceOne. 

New Rocket
Announced January 7th, 2015, Space1's Milestone Safety Rocket MSR is the 15th rocket developed by Space1 and is an ALV Astronaut Launch Vehicle designed to loft an astronaut into space tourism domain for tourism space flight, and return the astronaut safely to the Earth after the mission is completed. The rocket has the best features of the previous 14 rockets.

Space1 Blogs
You will note a limited number of links to blogs here:

This is because, rather than generating all information as blogs, private classified articles were created for Space1 Magazine all throughout the year 2014. At some time, a project to convert declassified articles, if any, into blogs may be initiated.

New Inventions
The newest inventions include the Atomic G-Force Absorber and the safety rocket released on January 7th 2015. 

Space1 Magazine
Space1 has completed the first year's collection of technical magazines up to and including issue #3. Issue 1 covers January 2014 through April 2014 inclusive. Issue #2 includes May 2014 through August. Issue #3, now completed, rounds out the year of 2014 from September through December. The first three issue magazine set is extremely valuable and historical.

Magazine or Blogs in 2015
It is currently undecided if 2015 will see Space1 publication in the form of a magazine or in the form of blogs. Before the magazine, newsletters were available. Prior to newsletters, PDF publications were available, and prior to PDF publications, personal letters and progressing memos described the start-up enterprise.

Space1 has moved to a new location as of January 2015. This resulted in a temporary suspension, followed by a sluggish damper period, on inventions, testing, rocket development, parts orders, launches, and other space related activities.

Heavy Air
Rain and the rainy season has dampened outdoor testing and increased atmospheric pressure. Spacecraft will not be subjected to water or extended environmental pressures during tests or within initial launch zones.

Business has continued at a lightening rapid pace with multiple meetings in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, the opening up of Singapore, and the USA anchoring its remote and isolated SpacePort. After moving, the development of the Multi-D invention was blogged.

International Presence
With our annexing South Korea and Singapore to a growing list of international locations, Space1 now has presence in five countries. (USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore)

Trip Meetings
Meetings take place in Taiwan where currently space tourism rockets are designed and developed. The President has met with Space1 in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and the United States. The Singapore Advisor to Space1 may meet in Taiwan for further analysis of Space1 from unique perspectives.

International Function
Hong Kong is reserved for meetings and research. SpacePorts are located in Taiwan and the USA for rocket launch capability. South Korea is home of Space1's Wisdom Lab, a Korean scientist think tank that out-pours intellectual results of great value. Taiwan is also the host to many rocket science labs.

International News
Singapore is currently advancing in advisory status. In addition to the Wisdom Lab, South Korea is advancing as a potential rocket and space parts center, technological research and development center, temp observatory, master temp lab, and a potential Space1 SpacePort in the future.