Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Space1 Diversified Rocket Propulsion

F1 rocketdyne gas generator
cycle engine for illustration
Space1 venture to open up safe space tourism to the world, has now diversified its means of rocket propulsion. 

This month, Space1 has opened up divisions for the development of new rocket engines using fuel of hydrogen and oxygen under pneumatic control. Dubbed Level 1 rocket technology, these new rockets will be tested and developed at Taiwan's Super Xinyi SpacePort.

This supplements solid black powder rocket motors previously used. Two new unnamed 2015 rockets are currently under construction for the fleets rocket motor diversification. These rocket motors represent a significant reduction in fuel cost, refueling turnaround times, refurbishing, and the time in which a rocket launch can be recycled for the next launch. Pneumatic fuel fed rockets are more safe and can be launched in remote grassland spaceports with complete fire safety protocol.

Both rocket motors are very light weight, however the fuel is much heavier. Tests are being conducted to determine the maximum apogees when the new motors are installed in rockets, and the best delivery methods for space tourism. If chosen, one or both rocket motors can help substantially reduce the cost of going into space, making the price of space tourism realistically affordable.