Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Space1 Engineering Space

SPACE1's engineered space coin
The Coin that Weighs Nothing!

In every instance, going into space must be engineered with reason and purpose, that of smaller, lighter, and more efficient means.

For example, a recent blog introduced the living rocket invention, where the rocket itself is alive and the components and structures have intelligence and purpose.


A more recent blog introduced the One Year Anniversary Coin, signifying Space1's mission success throughout the year 2014 and beginning into 2015.

The coin was minted and engineered to go into space. It has small size, almost no weight (that of a few milligrams), and is made very efficient with practically no thickness. How is this accomplished?

The special space flying coin version is minted on a substrate alloy of paper and ink. This allows carrying tens or hundreds into space at one time, without deterring from original payload weight and the rocket's lofting capabilities.

The coin could be made even lighter, by transforming it into zeros and ones of computer programming language and carrying it aloft as data.

However, the weight and size of the media to hold it, while small and minuscule (as in the case of a tiny usb stick), still adds weight. However, in the case of lofting thousands of coins, the cloning of data makes the media extremely efficient.

The image can also be patterned and compressed, allowing tens of thousands of coins to be lofted in a single rocket. (see illustrations) 

In one possible promotion, the names of people going into space are placed each on a coin, and when returned from space, the coins become souvenirs from space.