Monday, February 2, 2015

Space1 One Year Anniversary Commemorative Coin

Magnified view of Space1's commemorative one year anniversary coin
SPACE1 Industries has released the minting design for the Space1 Commemorative Coin, a coin that commemorates the first anniversary of one full year operation.

The coin is a lucky coin, as when flipped, it has no tail and always has a head face, representing moving forward into space, towards the future and the destiny of the human race.

It's the rarest of rare minted coins due to extremely low mintage, making the coin extremely valuable to space collectors. Dated 2015, and marked SPACE1 INDUSTRIES, the coin depicts the earth, the wreath of peaceful space exploration, and 5 important first year stars.

— the goal is to fly this coin into space, symbolically opening the door to space tourism and new ways of space exploration —

The stars represent the first year's founding members. The largest star represents the Founding Father of Space1. The remaining four stars additionally show the first year countries: USA, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore respectively.

The 24 dots at the top of the coin are symbolic of the first 24 rocket versions completed during the first year of operation.

The 34 petals of the peace wreath signify safe launches of Space1's safety rocket and the continuing safety of Space1 operations both on the land and in space.

The Earth is symbolically divided up into 15 triangular or parallelogram frontal face sections representing future expansion. Expansion may include operations with space ports, rocket labs, and business nodes. The Earth symbology embodies a circular cut Mercator map projection, thus all 15 sections represent the entire surface of the Earth, encompassing all 6/7 continents.