Saturday, May 23, 2015

Time Lab - It's Time to Move to the USA



Time Lab is currently being developed in Taiwan, the international location for United Humanoido Laboratories and Space1 for space tourism. However, it's time to move Time Lab.

After June 1st, Time Lab will open up a new installation in the USA. The American Time Lab will become the principle investigation center for time, time machines, and time travel. 

Not only will methods of time travel be under the development microscope, but the singularity of time itself will be examined.

A new science center is being developed in America, and Time Lab will become a part of its installations. This will offer the scientific equipment and access to machines and technology for developing various aspects and experiments in time.

We now know that time, and the flow of time in the forward direction is much more than merely the passage of events, that time itself has substance, and can flow forward, be reversed and completely paused or stopped. There are methods to time, some of which can be experimented upon through great machines and others require only the elements of technology. The origin of Time Lab resulted in the need for a place to work to modify the time parameter in Space1's safety rocket during space tourism.