Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Time Machine Lab

Science fiction movies were the first sources to depict many forms of time travel
Ever since time travel became popular in science fiction movies, the public has had a fascination with time travel and ensuing paradoxes. While such notions may seem like flights of fancy, real and serious applications for modifying and traveling in time exist.

Humanoido has created the Time Machine Lab, also known as Time Lab, a place to continue to develop time travel, create time travel machines, run time travel experiments, invent new forms of time, and make possible working applications for Space1 and additional high technology fields.

One high tech field in need of a time machine, is Space1's space tourism safety rocket. In order to increase the journey length, a referential time machine was invented - it extends the duration of time to increase the tourism experience.

Explanation of time travel in Lauren Beuke's "The Shining Girls" - Source
Invention of the RTM, Referential Time Machine, was designed to slow down time, however, the spinoff created other pockets of time, i.e. high speed time (faster) and the ability to completely stop time.

As we are dealing with Newtonian Mechanics and not traveling faster than one tenth light speed, Einstein's method of slowing time does not work. - Humanoido

This led to a new invention that completely pauses time. Paused time has many applications. For example, a nuclear reactor about to explode into a critical mass situation could simply have its time paused until a remedy for the reactor can be devised. In a common household, before a water pipe breaks and floods the home, an automatic switch engaged for paused time will preserve the condition until the plumber arrives.

Time travel with light beams - Source
Time Lab will study and investigate additional new avenues of time. For example, Albert Einstein, working with space time relativity, found a way to slow down time (moving clocks run slow at speeds greater than 1/10th the speed of light (C).

Quantum time travel - Source
However, even Einstein never knew how to pause or stop time. Much of the Time Lab's work will move beyond Einstein's work, into new territory never explored before. As a friend recently wrote, please be careful in your time travel work experiments because if you disappear, I don't know how to retrieve you.

Time Lab will study other forms of time and time travel, projects about going into and seeing the future, the elements of chronological and physiological time, time effects through chemistry and the physics of gravity and elements, and real time experiments to verify, for example, stopped time.

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